Bubba’s Diary – Outstanding Oman!

You guys know by now that my parents love dragging me here, there and everywhere no? Just when I think things are quiet and we are settling down, they go off on another adventure and drag me with them! Mind you, I am not complaining! It is fun I must admit. And our latest escapade wasn’t too far. It was just a 45 minute flight away – to Outstanding Oman!

One Thursday evening, we went off to the airport. Frankly I was surprised that we had only one suitcase. I though momma forgot a few suitcases! I mean, you know how we travel right? You have read about my other adventures? (Read it here if you haven’t).

And finally dada decided to buy a stroller bag! After about a year of using a stroller. The bag is convenient. I recommend! Though it is a little pain to fit stroller and car seat in it, it still is awesome.

Checked in, and then past immigration as always, mommy makes me pose with the yellow Teddy. Every. Single. Time. Ugh. Anyway, I did check out the car I am going to buy too. I am pretty certain Bubba kisses and cuddles are enough to pay for it. We also took a long walk around the airport because momma wanted to check out the baby rooms at the airport. Pretty nice it was, she said.

We boarded our flight and off we went. The flight was teeny tiny – Bubba sized. Al Maha for Qatar Airways I think it was called. There was a really sweet gentleman sitting next to us. He reminded me of a nice grandpa and played with me and entertained me during the flight.

Outstanding Oman – Day 1

And here we are! in Oman. The airport is not overly fancy, but pretty efficient. And wow! The people are so warm, and really wonderful. While we were standing in queue, an immigration person in a traditional outfit came and said hello to every single family in the line!

We finally reached our first stop of the tour. The Intercontinental Hotel Muscat. Pretty impressive! Nice rooms too. But there was some construction going on, so the view from the window was just okay. Since it was already evening and I had made momma and dada run around a lot, we decided to just take it easy that evening. We went to the in-house restaurant called Tomato – outdoor seating, by the beach and live music and pretty good Italian fare according to momma! I am not much of a fan of pasta you see – I take after my dad that way!

Since momma was too excited and didn’t want to go back to the room, we made a quick pitstop at the local mall called Avenues! Apparently, it is the second largest mall in Muscat, and I approved! I would have been happier if these two silly people I went with bought me something nice. But did they? NO! Sometimes I wonder if they realize I am a cutie lil baby and I need stuff! Whoa, I sound like my ma now! I am not sure that is a good thing! And then back to the hotel, changed, refreshed and off to bed for an early start the next day!

Outstanding Oman – Day 2

Day 2 started with breakfast of course! One of the first things we did was a walk by the beach side! It was pretty and all that but boy was it HOT! I really didn’t get the appeal – even though momma was really excited! It is just sand ma! I really wanted to roll my eyes! And then they did this called walking on grass – whhhhyyy would we do that? Why? Why why?

Then we set off on our exploration! The roadsides and scenery is very interesting. Unlike anything I have seen (I hear you say I am only one year old! hmpf!) But even my parents agreed that it was nothing like they had experienced before. The hills, and the blue waters in the distance and the skies! Dada said it just didn’t feel like it was part of GCC even.

Our first stop – the National Museum of Oman. First impression – Niiice. Very clean and so well organized – after all it is pretty new – opened in 2013. We could go from room to room reading about the history, and see some really cool artifacts. From traditional clothes and jewellery to artillery and furniture even. Guns and cannons, and model ships, replicas of old buildings, a massive currency collection and cool wall paintings from a time long long ago!PS – the best part? A well equipped baby room where I could take a break and get some refreshments from momma (if you know what I mean)!

[envira-gallery id=”2833″]

Just opposite to the museum is the Al Alam Palace – the Palace of Sultan Qaboos. I wish we could see inside, but it is not open to visitors. We then made a stop at the Muthrah Corniche. It was sweltering hot, so we took a few pics and moved on. We then headed to Muthrah Souk – the traditional market place. But first – food! We went to a small roadside eatery which had some delicious shawarma, and mango milkshake! At the souk – we bought some traditional Omani Halwa, some souvenirs, and other bits and bobs.

We then returned to the hotel for a break, and the headed out to dinner. We found a gem of a place called D’Arcy’s Kitchen. It was amazing. The burgers, the fries, the ambience, the desserts – all were out of this world. In fact, for the rest of our stay in Muscat – we came here for almost all meals. I even got easter goodies from there!

Outstanding Oman – Day 3

On Day 3, we moved hotels. Our second hotel for the trip was the Grand Hyatt Muscat – gorgeous place! With a lovely view from the balcony too. We checked in – relaxed, went for a quick swim at the pool, and basically did nothing much! It was a day of R&R! Dinner was from the nearby Shebestan Place – Iranian cuisine. Soft succulent kebabs, and some super awesome bread too!

Outstanding Oman – Day 4

Day 4 was a pretty busy day. First stop – the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, aka the Grand Mosque. But since my mommy the great was not wearing full sleeves, we had to go to another entrance where we could rent the abaya and hijab for her. Cutie she was in it! It definitely deserves to be called the Grand mosque – it can hold upto 20,000 worshippers at one time! It is made of sandstone, and is adorned with intricate designs. One of the main halls has a carpet that took four years to make – whoa! That is even longer than the time I have lived so far!

And then we went to the Royal Opera House! Beautiful building which reflects Omani architecture, it can even seat upto 1,100 people. I can’t even count that much yet! We got a guided tour, and the staff loved me! But then, who doesn’t? They showed us the facilities including the cool movable box seats, and the massive enormous stage. It really is a beautiful building and should be a must visit if you are in the country.

We then returned to the hotel and went to the beach. So much sand, and blue waters, and blue skies. It was pretty but why exactly are we playing in the sand? I thought sand was not cool? My parents are so confused sometimes. And then we went and had waves kiss our feet. It was ticklish and a bit scary. It was not as fascinating as my mom thought it was. She was going oooo and ahhhhh! Err why? Beats me! And then it was pool time! The best time. But I no longer like sitting in my float – I like to get right into it! So either dada or momma had to take me around. It was fun! Fun! Fun!

Outstanding Oman – Day 5 – Salalah

Day 5 – breakfast, check out and off we went to the airport! Salalah here we come! It really is mind-blowing how different two places in one country can be! It was so much like Kerala – lots of banana plantations, and coconut palms. Green all around. Momma the great forgot that we had airport pick up! We actually saw the bus go away. The driver looked at us, and we looked at the driver and then we took a taxi! Boo!

Our hotel – the Crowne Plaza Salalah. It was a huge property with a gorgeous beach (yeah – this whole beach thing was beginning to grow on me). Lovely pool and play areas too. On Day 5, we just relaxed at the hotel.

Outstanding Oman – Day 6

Day 6 was another hectic day. It was our last day in Oman and we wanted to make the most of it. Our day started with breakfast and a walk on the beach, and some cooling off in the amazing pool. I loved playing with momma and dada and jumping into their hands from the side of the pool. I know they’ll catch me, and giggle with me! They are the best! <3

After lunch, we went on a long drive to Mughsail. Funny story – we weren’t too convinced at first with the taxi driver, and since he kept driving and driving and driving, we were getting concerned. So dada texted the car number, along with a picture of the driver and details of the trip to my uncle. And then when uncle called momma, she loudly explained that we were going to see Mughsail cliff, and that the drive would take an hour and a half. When I looked at her wondering whattt? She said “safety first!” That does make sense I think.

The Marniff caves were amazing. And the view from the cliff was truly breathtaking. Momma’s hair got all funny because of the humidity though. There was also some cool blow-holes where water kept gushing out from. It was a long tiring drive, but so absolutely worth it.

After reaching the city, we stopped to get some tender coconut! And momma had about three! Yeah, she obviously loves it a lot! The water was pretty tasty too. And then we toured the Al Hafa Souq, and then a quick stop at the Salalah Grand Mosque before heading back to the hotel.

And then I got some sleep while momma packed. Before we knew it – time had come to go to the airport and head back home!

It was a short trip, but it really was fun!
Six nights, Four flights, three hotels, two cities and one happy family!

I can’t wait for our next adventure!


For more adventures from Bubba’s Diary – see http://mommydil.com/category/bubs-diary/



  • Hi there – I have never read your blog before but I have to say, I LOVE how the “voice” behind this post is that of little Bubba! That is a riot! Travel diaries can sometimes be, um, not the most exciting posts to read – but hearing the story from the little guy’s perspective is a genius trick that made for a genuinely good read, and left a smile on my face! 🙂

  • Jenni Petrey

    Sounds like you had a great trip little one. Love the photos!

    • Thank you Ms J.
      We sure did have fun 🙂

  • I am sure you guys had a great time travelling to Oman. Travel diaries like this are just awsome to read

    • thank you 🙂
      I am sure bubba will be well pleased to know you enjoyed reading his diary 😉

  • Sounds like an amazing trip! I love that you tell it from your little one’s perspective! So fun!

  • Beautiful pictures! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  • That’s quite an insightful description. Oman is actually on my list Next. Thanks!

    • I hope u enjoy it as much as we did 🙂

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