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The purpose of my blog has been to share my journey as a parent, and to celebrate motherhood! Not just me, but mommies all around me as well! And with that in mind, I am starting a new section called MOMTASTIC ?!  I will be interviewing inspirational mommas who are wearing multiple hats, and managing it all with panache!

My first momma for 2018 is someone who saw a gap in the market, and promptly set out to fill in – with her two little kiddies in-tow. South Affrican mommy Cassandra Bester has 3.5 year old Ava, and 14 month old Tyler, and has been in Doha for three years now. Like every mom, she was on the look out for engaging, entertaining and educational experience for little ones, but she could find any one space which had all the information. She took matters into her own hands, and now all mommas in the country are thanking her for launching Mini Adventures. Read on to find out more.


Cassandra Bester

Describe yourself in about 10 words. 

Passionate, self disciplined, loving, hardworking, outgoing, adaptable, independent, pragmatic, loyal, adventurous.

Tell us about your business.

Mini Adventures mobile app makes an adventurous life easy for families with young children and we focus on children 6 months to 6 years old. With Mini Adventures we aim to create epic childhood memories through day planned adventures exposing them to creative arts, sports, music & dance, parks & playgrounds, culture, animals, environment and loads more. Adventures are planned in each of these categories in a rotating basis, providing a rich cycle of experiential learning for young children.

Tell us about your journey so far. 

I am always looking for things to do to keep my children engaged and possibly make new friends and that is how Mini Adventures came about, creating day planned adventures with like minded moms. Its taken 7 months to design the app and get it to this point. And now we are looking forward to lots of adventures.

What makes your business unique? 

Like me, families are always looking for things to do with their children and now there is everything in one place with all the information they need to know. Including the location and distance, how many people attending, age group, parking, pram friendly or not and anything important to remember.

How do you juggle motherhood and your work? 

My work is for my children so my two are my mini adventurers that attend all these activities and then of course there is work I need to do behind the scenes which I do once I’ve put them to bed.

What is the best part about your work? What were the challenges involved? 

The best part of my work is being able to spend time with my children and the challenges involved is making sure there is a balance.

Any advice for mompreneurs?

The 3 P’s…. Practice patience and perseverance. As you are building your new business, it can be easy to neglect the other (important) aspects of your life. Try to create a use-able life and business plan. Take time to identify your core values, priorities, goals and action plan for your life and business. Its absolutely possible to have a successful business and live a life you love.

What is the one most important parenting rule you live by.

Limited screen time

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