Bub’s Diary – Trips and Travels..

Dear Diary,

Even before I turned five month old, I had been to four countries: Qatar, where I was born, Bahrain, my mommy’s home, and UK to visit aunts and uncles! And yes I saw the Abu Dhabi airport too! Pretty cool eh!

I think I love this whole travelling business, because I go with half a suitcase full of my stuff, and come back with atleast one more full suitcase of toys, clothes and whatnot


And everywhere I go, there are all these people who come to see me, and play with me! It really is a lot of fun. When I went to Bahrain, all of momma’s friends came to see me, and they all wanted to hold me, and cuddle me, and play play play! A baby can sure get used to this!

The trip to UK was a lot more interesting though because it was filled with lots of visits to fun places! The only ugh part was the beginning, because my silly parents booked a night flight! That too, with a stopover! Sometimes I wonder what they are smoking!

20160705_080829.jpgI mean, come on! A baby needs his sleep right? Right? And just when I am ready to doze off, they are moving again, from momma to dada from dada to my carrier, and then off and then on! UFFF! What am I? a piece of luggage? Huh huh huh?

After a while, I just had to let them know, and so I did what I do best – cried! And that seemed to have gotten their attention, and finally we settled down to sleep. Atleast momma didn’t try to lick me on this trip!

UK was interesting! Did you know my mom had to wait 30 years to visit UK? But I did it in the first six months of my life? I know right, I am pretty awesome. And I met my cousin brother too! And my aunts and my uncle! YAY!

On Day 1, we went sightseeing. Yes yes, I know, silly parents! No thought whatsoever to the jetlag poor baby me has to face! Luckily for us, the weather was nice, but confused. Momma would put on her jacket and after a few minutes take it off, and put it on again after a while! Err, mom! Make up your mind!

Waterloo station was our first stop, then onto the London Eye, and the Big Ben. I look grumpy in the pictures you say? Ofcourse! Because I didn’t get any rest! The London Eye was a bit slow, but no complaints as it allowed me to time to chill. We also took a stroll around Jubilee gardens, and momma stuffed her face with ice cream – no surprises there!

And then we had to travel back home on the tube! It was a bit scary to be honest, because mom and dad were confused and was not sure how to get the stroller down, and it did feel like we were going to the center of the earth. Down down down down, and then up up up up! Pheeew!

Did you know that this superb underground system was first started in 1863? even my grandpa was not born then. Whoaaa. and it goes from everywhere to everywhere, and makes life very easy.

But you know what, the best part was that there were always people willing to help us. Either to carry my stroller or to help us with our many bags. But after day 1, we figured out how to use the platforms which had direct access to the elevator, my parents were too scared and tensed about carrying me up and down on these steeeeeeeeep escalators.

We set out nice and early (errr…12pm) on Day 2, and went to see dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. Dinos are awesome, why did they have to be extinct?? Next stop was the Science Museum, where we saw the very first computer, and sun dials, and even automobiles. Museum rounds were not finished yet though! We also did the Victoria And Albert Museum, which had some magnificent sculptures in there! Very artsy! It was an amazing day because there was so many unique and fascinating things to see.

The next day started with a trip to Saint Paul’s cathedral! And my dada strongest, carried me up all the way! 580odd steps! He is simply the bestest! British Museum to see some mummies (obviously my mommy is better!), and a trip to Canary Wharf followed. I loved the roof top garden at Canary Wharf! Pretty neat! When I got tired, I just turned my head and slept. Or dada would hold me close, and I could sleep on his chest! <3

Finally, a rest day, where we just chilled with the family and did a BBQ at home, joined by my grandpa and grandma too! Yay! More people to play with me. Millennium Bridge, and Madame Tussauds was on the schedule for the next day, and some shopping ofcourse.

Long drive and sightseeing at the amazing Cotswold’s followed, and meeting lots of new cousins and uncles and all too! It was freezing, and I had to be wrapped up in my blanky the whole time!


Next day was awesome! Because we got to visit the Emirates stadium, my dada’s favorite football team Arsenal’s very own stadium. We got very lost before we got there, but lets not talk about that. The coolest part about being at Emirates was I was in my jersey onesie! If I ran out of the football field, they would have just thought I was another player!

We also had rain for the first time that day, and we went to Buckingham Palace for my meeting with the Queen. But since I forgot my formal wear, we had to reschedule! I told Charlotte we’ll meet another time.

Our next stop was a cruise down the Thames! Breathtaking views and dada got some amazing pictures…err..not of me…of the London Bridge – which was not falling down btw! And to complete the day, we did the cable car tour! You know what? The security guard counted me as a full person! Hilarious, I am a little baby, Mister!

On day 7, we stayed closer to home, and went to Bushy Park and met some deers. And went cherry-picking and to the most important place – John Lewis, where momma bought me tonnes of cool stuff!

Back to London the next day, we went to the Museum of Advertising and Branding, and to the Imperial War Museum. And the last place to see on momma’s list: Trafalgar Square. Finished off at the Oxford street, shopping and lazing! PS – I cannot believe they did not take me to Hamleys – the largest toy store in the world! Hmpf.

Another day, another road trip, this time to Birmingham to meet family, and to get more kisses and cuddles and gifts! and finally off to Loughborough for the night, where we stayed at a hotel.


And finally the big day, my aunty’s graduation! WOOOOHOOOOO! Congratulations Ammu aunty! We love you and are so proud of you! Momma and dada and aeveryone dressed up super formal and classy too! Me in my lil tux, momma in her new dress. So what if I had a diaper blowout? What I cant believe is the fact that these loonies then changed me right there in the parking, on top of the car! Like Whhhy? It was cold and annoying, but momma and dada are super quick, and efficient, so I forgive them.

And finally, it was time to pack up and leave, and come back to Doha! No complains though – because that meant I would get my mom and dad all to myself, and I could finally get a much deserved break.

Such an eventful trip it was, I travelled by air, road, and sea! Flights, trains, cars, the black taxi, tube, ship, and cable car! And oh, I had milky and even changed at some fancy places – Harrods, Madame Tussuads, the O2 Arena, just to name a few! Fantastic places and things to see, and met some fantastic people!

Now looking forward to the next trip in September!

Signing Off,




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  • I can’t believe you managed to pack so much into such a short space of time. Really pleased the little one enjoyed my home country – but you must take him to Hamley’s next time, he’d love it!

    Polly xx

    • Thanks Polly!
      I was dying to go Hamleys, but I knew i would max out my cred cards!
      But I did stop by the stall at the airport; just could not resist!
      We’ll be back soon for sure..

  • My Lil one too has ended up being on nearly 8 flights within her first birthday though most of it weren’t in our plans. It just happened in a day or two.

    She hates the landing part and the pressure variation effect. But now that she is mobile and we will soon be off for hols again inshallah, I think travelling before the baby is mobile and has a personality of their own is far easier than having them run off in every possible direction. Phew can’t even think of it!?

    Lil one in tux looks pretty grand! ?

    • Thank you 🙂
      I agree, these are the easier days! Looking forward to more for sure though!

  • First things first I love the name of your website – Mommydil. It’s so creative and intimate too. My eyes just stopped at the pictures of Natutal Museum of History and the underground tube. You’ve captured your trip so well ??

    • Thank you 🙂
      The museum was amazing! and the tube was a nightmare the first time!
      You must go if you get the chance!

  • Kathryn

    What an amazing trip, the photos are great. Brilliant memories ?

  • Ah little Jet-setter!! See the world as much as you can, for as long as you can!

  • Kamaleswari Rajeswaran

    Fantastic. Wrote more like this.

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