52 Reasons We Will Celebrate You, My Son

And just like that, we finish a year today! And I thought why not dedicate a post to you, my darling boy! Here are 52 reasons why we will celebrate you forever and after!

52 reasons for 52 weeks

1. You were so teeny tiny! Even the newborn clothes would not fit, you would float in it! Now when I look at those clothes, I cannot even imagine that you would fit in them.

2. Your stretches when you were little! It seemed like it would go on for hours and hours! Ad then there are you are, refreshed and ready to start the day!

3. Your sleeping habits! This is one area we are truly blessed! You don’t sleep through the night, but you are not fussy. All you want when you wake up at night is to have a drink, a cuddle, and then you go back to sleep.

4. Those days with your first toy! The mobile, and how you would focus on each moving one and was so committed to hitting it, even at 2.something months!

5. “Let’s beat up momma!” That was what you would calm down to! When you are cranky or crying, if someone said, let’s beat up momma, you would relax!

6. Your love for tags! How you used to hunt them out from every outfit or blanket or bed sheet or even toy to start chewing. If tags were food, you’d eat really well!

7. Eaty Feety! It was so cute! Sooo cute when you would be omnomnoming your feet without realizing they were yours.

8. Remember how you would push me away, while I was trying to give you milky? Because you didn’t know how to use your hands to pull me closer?

9. Dada’s Boy! Though I hope that may change and I’ll become your fave, it is awesome to see the deep bond and connection you have with dada!

10. Your knack of beginning to cry every time dada gets home so it looks like mom’s the bad cop. Every. Single. Time (or almost).

11. You little dictator! We might try and be strict with you, but you definitely get your way most often than not! And secretly, we love it!

12. Kisses. You hated kisses and would make a yucky face every time I tried to kiss you. And then you learnt how to give momma a kissy (also known as bite) and it has been the best present ever!

13. Sharky! When it is milky time, you become this lil sharky who pounces on me! And so demanding, I can’t move till you have had your fill!

14. How you cuddle with me when we go to sleep and how you find a way to fit, even though you are growing each day! I will so miss that when you become a big boy!

15. I love how smart you are, and how good you are at figuring things out! After all, you do get the intelligence from me (research says so)

16. Peek-A-Boo! I love how you hide! And how you don’t move at all while you are “hiding”! And roll over giggle while we see you!

17. It blows my mind when I see how much of a distinct personality you have! You are your own person with likes and dislikes, and a myriad of expressions to let us know how you feel.

18. Your giggles! Sigh, I really wish we could bottle it and share it with the world. It will make the world a much happier place!

19. Your eyes! Yes! The grey color is mesmerizing, but more than that, it is so wise and seems to me like it holds the universe within!

20. That smile that lights up the room, and lights up our lives! When you haven’t seen us for a while, and you give us that smile! You used to point to us first, and now you come crawling to us.

21. Your curiosity and how you observe and analyze everything around you is amazing! PS – I do wish you carry that level of concentration and focus all through life.

22. How you keep trying till you succeed! How you are so self motivated! And keep going till you get what you want! Please be this way always!

23. That stubborn streak! How No means no, and there is nothing that can change it! Yup, you definitely got that from me – but I am not sure how I feel about that!

24. Get, Set, Go! You are always ready for the next big adventure! Be it a walk in the park, grocery shopping or visiting new countries, you have been such a pleasure to deal with! And seeing how much it thrills you to have a new experience is just amazing!

25. Your interaction with everyone around you is so interesting to watch! I love how you win everyone over in the blink of an eye, and how comfortable you are even with new people and a new setting!

26. Your Oscar worthy performances and the 2-second crying! Because you know you have me around your little finger and that I will come and take you. But I am learning, you lil drama king!

27. Boo! My baby, you scare the living daylights out of me when you come and say Boo! You come up sneakily behind me, and just go BOO! Yikkkes!

28. Babble babble babble. Chatterbox like your mommiekins! Someday, you and I will have deep meaningful conversations, about everything under the sun. But for now, babbling away is more than enough.

29. Three! That was your first word! Three, Apple, Bubble, Alexa and Attack! What a mixed bag, eh! And momma and dada occasionally too!

30. Bath time is so much fun! I remember those days (about three days) when you would bawl at the sight of water. Now you bawl when we have to get you out.

31. Out of all the dozen toys you have, why is the remote control your favorite? There are toys with lights and colors and sounds, but it was the remote that attracted you the very first time you crawled.

32. Your love for cars! You are such a boy! You even go “vrooooooom” and I don’t even know where you learnt that!

33. Your relationship with food! I wish it were better but it still is exciting (sometimes painfully so) to watch you try different foods! And I almost want to throw a party every time you like something!

34. Your tasting technique! You are a lil baby but so wise You actually stick your tongue out to taste the foods before you accept or reject them! How about you just open your mouth and just eat all of it?

35. But hey, atleast you love to drink water right? That has to be a win?

36. I can sense you like things to be neat and tidy, especially while eating! No messes, no leaks! How is that even possible considering your mommy can even eat noodles with her hands?

37. It is awesome that you love to read. But how many times can we teach the same book? Momma and dada now know the Red Ladybird Book, and the Blue Elephant Book, and the If I Were an Elephant book by-heart! We could probably even say it in our sleep!

38. Every single book we have is called Bubble according to you! Because one of your fave book is about bubbles!

39. Nursery rhymes are an awesome way to get you to have fun. Your favorite one used to be ‘Wheels on the Bus’, and now it is ‘Baba Black Sheep’.

40. How do you like TV so much? Penguins of Madagascar and Paw Patrol? Even when I am desperately trying to cut down on screen time? How you keep moving your head side to side to get one last glimpse of the telly.

41. How you can spend time by yourself, playing with your toys in your playpen, I mean, castle! It is nice to know that you are so comfortable with yourself, and don’t necessarily always need us every second of every minute!

42. Fascination for gold! Be it someone’s chain or on an outfit, you really do love gold eh? Maybe you can buy momma lots of gold when you become rich and famous.

43. Your love-hate relationship with the car seat! You hate it, and you fight me when I try to put you in it, and the sleep off pretty much soon after. And if you are not sleeping, I just know that you are having your grumpy pout face on!
44. It is awesome that you are so well-settled in the nursery. That you have a place for yourself in the hearts of your caretakers, and I love how much you enjoy your time there.

45. I love how we’ve made Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ your theme song. Your face just lights and up and you start grooving to the music every single time it is played!

46. Watching you walk on your knees is pretty funny! Also scary as hell! You don’t want to crawl, and are not ready to walk yet but you still want to be everywhere and you get there by walking on your knees!

47. How is it possible that you can move so fast? In the blink of an eye, and you’ve crawled to the other end of the room.

48. Your disdain for cameras. Come on! Your momma loves being in the spotlight and having cameras pointed at her. But you? You look at camera like they are disgusting.

49. You fill our hearts with joy! Every moment with you (well most) is filled with excitement and laughter and fun.

50. You make us want to be better! Better people, and better parents, and better citizens! Even if it is small things like making me drink less fizz, and come one! As you know, I love that nasty drink but the way you look at it now means it is the end of the road for me and fizz.

51. You make us excited about every tomorrow to come! Because we can’t wait to see you grow up and do things and become a big boy. At the same time, we wish we could just keep you the way you are! Because every yesterday was so spectacular!

52. Momma and dada love every bit of you! Most of all, because you, my baby, are so awesome!

PS – we won’t talk about the atomic farts! I don’t even know how that is possible considering you are so teeny tiny! And barely eating!

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  • This is such a beautiful post. Your son will cherish it when he is older. I can really feel all the love you have for him. Happy Birthday!

  • All of these memories are so special! I love that you have taken the time to document each memory so you will have them forever.

    • I am already forgetting some! So I am truly glad I did this 🙂
      Thank you.

  • Love this!!!!

  • This is the sweetest! It’s amazing to see their blossoming personalities so early on. What a fun way to celebrate your son turning one!

  • What a great way to celebrate your one-year-old! My daughter is only four months, and I’m equally excited and dreading her first birthday. Maybe I’ll do a similar post when the time comes to help work through all my feels 🙂

    • Oh you must!! Absolutely! 🙂
      You will get there before you can say boo!
      Please do jot down bits and pieces now onwards. I kinda forgot a lot!

  • Bridgette

    Wonderful such a great idea 🙂

  • This is a beautiful post. 52 reasons to celebrate. All of us mama’s and parents out there should sit down and think of the reasons we love, cherish and celebrate our child. I think you’ve encouraged me to spend some time on this.

    • Aww thank you 🙂
      I really hope you do!
      It took me so much time to write this for the first year.
      I am actually thinking I should jot down exciting points of the second year already – lest i forget.

      Please do share if you write it 🙂

  • Debby

    This is such a loving post. He will cherish this forever. You should read it to him every year for his birthday. Will be a great gift to stash in his things when he goes off to college too!

    • hahahahha 😀

      I like the college idea! 😀 thank you

  • I love all the photos! What a great way to remember all of those moments that seem to pass by so fast! 🙂

  • This is such a cute idea! What a great way to honor your son’s first birthday. I agree the photos are a great touch and show how much he’s grown and changed!

  • Mellissa

    What a loving post! A beautiful moment I for the entire family. The photos are a great reminder how much your little one has grown and changed over the course of 12 brief months when every thing changed.

    • Thank you so much Melissa 🙂

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