Be Careful – Freezing & Burning Up

I was feeling extremely restless one day, well into my third trimester, so decided to have a warm bath to calm my self. So around 10pm, before bed, I step into a nice warm shower but it doesn’t help me feel any better..

But suddenly I felt as if the temperature had dropped, and I started freezing. I kept increasing the temperature of the water, but id did nothing to help me. I started shivering, my teeth clattering. It got to such a bad level that when my husband got me some water to drink, I couldn’t hold the glass properly as my hands were shaking.

Husband helped me out and wrapped me up with all our blankets. It was like I was a baby being swaddled, and tucked me into bed. It took almost 25minutes to get my shivering under control. But soon after we slept off.

At around 1am, I woke up feeling the other extreme. Boiling hot. Drenched in sweat. Even removing all the blankets and turning up the ac didn’t seem to help. I then got up, and got a glass of ice cold water to drink. Then I gave myself a wipe down with a cold wet towel – especially face, neck, chest and tummy. I still felt like I was in a furnace. So I slept on the sofa with the AC air hitting me directly.

It was an awful night, and didn’t get much sleep. But since baby was kicking, and it seemed okay, I let it be till the next morning as I had an appointment.

Google suggested it could be a drop in my thyroid levels but the doctor told me that it was a vaginal bacterial infection, did a swab and gave me antibiotics and vaginal suppositories. I took the full course and have been fine since.

It definitely was a scary experience, especially since I had absolute no other symptoms apart from this onslaught of hot and cold. Be careful, and if you get the shivers even once, go straight to the doctors.

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