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In this day and age, technology lies within our hands and our mobiles have made life so much easier. There are apps to make every process easily accessible and simpler.And it isn’t far behind when it comes to women’s health and pregnancy care either. Here are my fave apps – pregnancy time.
And I love these three!


This is great if you are, well, a woman. Most of us are terrible with remembering the dates and this makes it all so easy. It particularly comes in handy if you are trying to get pregnant. Based on your dates, it can tell you when you are expected to be most fertile, and as such the best time to get busy! 😛

You can also update the dates of getting busy on your calendar, thus keeping track, in case you need to pop around to the doctor. More importantly, this helps in getting your due date right as well.

You can also add symptoms such as nausea, and body ache in case you are feeling that. Basically, any physical changes you are going through can be recorded on this app.




This was extremely useful to learn about the day-to-day changes that my body was going through. It had relevant information and plenty of educational material, and helped me understand what to expect each day. The occasional jokes were great too.

But my absolute favorite part of this app was the bumpie tool! It was so cool, and we could constantly monitor how big I was growing, and the photographs serve as a great memory now.



This one is for the very end. The moment of truth, and the beginning of labour. This is particularly important simply because you don’t want to go to the hospital too early. This allows you to track how long each contraction is for, how far apart it is coming, and how long the overall session is. I definitely recommend you get this app, to help you leave on time, so that you don’t get turned away from the hospital, nor get admitted unnecessarily, thus encouraging interventions.


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