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Technology is such a wonderful thing, and I have already told you what my favourite pregnancy related apps are.

When it comes to a new born baby, there are so many things to keep in mind. how much they eat, sleep, play; their milestones; their growth and so on and so forth.

And thanks to the developments in tech, we can have most of that info in the palm of our hands. Here are my favorite baby related apps:
Yes, they are free too!


This is absolutely fantastic; especially during the first few months. It allows you to track a number of things including feeding times – breast fed or bottle. It even allows you to track which breast you fed from each time. This is essential information that can help in the beginning when you are trying to regulate your supply. The other options that has helped me enormously is the ‘diaper change’ column. That allows you to track your baby’s bowel movements, and can help you keep a track of how often you change the nappy.

The medication tab, as well as the other activities tab are also extremely helpful. At least during the initial days, it helps to know when baby went out, and when you cut his nails etc.

As baby grows and starts solids, formula or other drinks, you can track that too. Yes to the amount of tummy time and playtime baby gets too. And in case, he is unwell, and running a temperature, you can use this app to compile a definitive record of all things related to your baby.

The one option that I use continuously even now is the growth tabulations. I can enter his weight, height and head circumference, and keep a track of how my baby is growing. You can then view it in the percentiles chart, thus giving you a clear one chart look at how much your baby has grown.

Baby Day Book is a must have for new parents!





I absolutely adore this app. And more than me, our families adore it. It is a must have for those who don’t have their families nearby. Through this app, you get a scrapbook and journal of sorts – which is private – and which can be shared with your near and dear ones. You need to add the people in order for them to access it, and even then you can control what they see, and what they can do.

My baby’s uncles, aunts and grandparents cannot see his grow up everyday as they are far away but this app allows them to see his pictures and videos on a daily basis.

Most importantly, this is our memory book. Every day, a little moment captured – video and pictures. The story of our growing child. On occasions when I miss him, I open this app and look through all of his old photos and videos.

The best part is that it can be viewed on the phone, and on the computer too. And as such, if the person doesn’t want to download the app on the phone, it is fine. And each person can choose how they want to receive the updates – push to phone or via email – and how often they want to get it.

I also like the ‘cards’ section, where they provide educational information – usually based on your child’s age, and the milestones section, where you can track their developmental growth.

And if you have more than one child, you can add their details too.

Go on, check this out! You will not regret it.





If you prefer to keep the room dark, but not pitch black, this is great. It will give you a nice but not very bright light, which can give a glow to the room.

But for me, the primary use of this app is the noise. I use this for the white noise options that it has. My favorite is the sea noise, but there are many others you can choose from including English, French and Japanese lullabies and the nature and Zen tunes.

The ‘sea’ white noise really helps my lil one settle down at night. I also like the heavy rains.

And if you are using the free version, don’t forget to open daily to get the free gift.




Now this isn’t really baby related but it is a lot of fun to have baby star in famous clips. A laugh riot indeed! It is a perfect tool to get a laugh out of everyone around you. Music videos, movie scenes, the whole lot depending on your mood.

And there are practice sessions too, to get the sync just right!

Link :


Special mention – HiMAMA

Now this is one for babies in the nursery or day care. It is managed and updated by the nursery and they can give you access. I love this because I get daily updates – photos and videos – from my baby’s nursery. It also allows for effective and easy communication between the parents and the nursery.

And using this app, the nursery can send you a detailed report everyday with various information including naptimes, feedings, nappy changes, and other activities.

I, for one, am thrilled that my baby’s nursery uses this.


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