The baby kicks!

It is one of the most precious feelings indeed. There is something so wonderful about feeling a lil one move within you.That first baby kick.

But sometimes, especially in the initial stages, it can be stressful. Because we don’t know what to expect and because for different women, it can start at different times.

I remember I was really upset for a while during the early weeks of my fifth month, because I was unable to feel the kicks. Everyone around me was asking me about how wonderful it is, and telling me how the little one should be kicking a lot by now.

Luckily for me, I had regular ultrasounds and could see the baby move. Else I would have been a complete wreck. For a lot of first timers, the movements happen but we are unable to understand because we don’t know what to expect.

First Movements

Towards the middle of my fifth month, in mid October 2015, I started feeling little flutters, or as my bestie says, like bubbles popping. Maybe I felt movements before, but I couldn’t distinguish it. But once it starts, it is truly divine. And unbelievable. To feel a live little human being growing inside of you.

And as I have always said, it is extremely important to keep the husband involved at this stage, as the bond between the three of you: dad mom and bubs will only grown stronger. The kicks are definitely an unimaginable moment of joy that needs to be shared with the other half of the parenthood partnership – the father.

I have also found that over time, the baby likes to move more when you are relaxed, and that they can possibly sense if a hand is placed over the tummy. My understanding is this: when you are constantly moving, either the rocking helps them stay calm and sleep or they are unsure of what is going on, and hence chooses to stay quiet. And when we are sitting down and relaxing, they feel safer and venture out with the kicks, or are wondering why there is no more rocking and kicking to get us to move. It has to be either no? PS – these are my theories, not fact.

Strong Kicks

I have also noticed that when my bubs was kicking and I place a hand over it, there is no slowing down. Sort of like he knows it is me. When my husband used to place his hand, it would take a few minutes for the baby to recognize and then the kicks would start. But if it was a friend, a third person, he would go completely quiet and not move for ages. Uniquely marvelous!

After a while, the kicks can get quite strong. and you can even see your tummy move when you look at it. Miraculous. I know I use the word miracle way too many times in this blog, but that is what the whole journey is and I feel so very blessed to have experienced it.

Keep Count

Once the kicks start, it is very important to track it. Keep count. But don’t follow any of the strict patterns because then you are setting yourself up for stress. What I used to do is make sure he kicked or moved once every 20 or so minutes. And if I was getting concerned about no movements, I would have a nice chilled glass of water, or orange juice, or chocolate.¬†This aims to shock the baby into movement or to give him a sugar rush.

The one time I thought there was not many movements in a 5hour period, we rushed to the emergency where I had a CTG. And as soon as the CTG device was strapped on, baby decided to start kicking. I was pretty embarrassed. But then I realized that the doctors and nurses are pretty used to frantic mom-to-be’s rushing in.

HMC Women’s Hospital

A bit about my Women’s Hospital experience: not great. Since mine was emergency, I didn’t have to wait too long before I was seen. Pheeew. However, I found it extremely odd that they would not let my husband¬†in. Odd because I was checked by a male gyno. Huh huh huh! How is that even. Nevermind. Anyway, first they checked the fetal heart rate with a doppler, and after my CTG, the doc recommended an ultrasound. Now the ultrasound is done in a different part of the hospital. So you first book it and pay for it, and then wait for your turn. Once that is done, you have to go back to the doctor who will explain it to you. And all this up and down, and running around has to be done alone, since the husband can’t come in.

I had more than enough at the Women’s Hospital with one visit. Possibly because I was used to going to Fetomaternal. There, everything is done at one location, and in the presence of my husband. Ofcourse, the difference also is that Women’s Hospital cost me a grand total of 80QR including registration, CTG and ultrasound. Fetomaternal would charge me on the other side of 500.

Now back to the joy of kicks: I must say I do miss it occasionally. But now I get direct kicks and not from inside!

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