Getting the Indian Passport in Qatar

I am Indian, and so is my husband and that means my son is Indian too. Now that we had the birth certificate, the next big step was to apply for his passport.

We downloaded the forms from the Indian Embassy Doha website –

Either you can print it out, and fill in block letters, or fill it out in the PDF format itself. Please note that it is not possible to fill the PDF in certain browsers, so check before you fill. Print out and put father’s and mother’s signatures.

And you will need baby’s thumbprints on multiple pages as well. Getting these are fun and a bit of a struggle. I didn’t realize how strong my bubs was till we had to this!

Documents needed:

I found that it is easier to click the picture at home, and then get the background edited at the studio. I had to take about 25 pictures to get the right one. You could even use a rolled up towel around his head, and under his neck to make sure it is all visible, and that he is steady.

Visit to the Embassy

You are not required to take the baby. Although I took the baby because I had to get his thumbprints, and as a result, I didn’t have to wait in the queues. There was another lady who was there for the same purpose, and she started telling the staff that she didn’t bring the baby but the baby was waiting for her at home, and so she should be allowed fast track as well.

I must say that the staff were very helpful, and were able to guide me quickly and efficiently.

Please note that the passport collection is only in the afternoon. We got my son’s within one week.

As with most official processes, easy if you are well organized and have all the documents ready.

All the best.


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